The government agencies in the Philippines for business registration

One of the legal requirement to operate a business in other countries and even in your own country is to register with the government. If you are not registered then you would be able to receive penalties and charges. That is because running a business would require you of many things and the first thing you should do is to register. In each country, they have different requirements so better check first all the necessary documents needed in each of the agencies you have to register.

In terms of the agencies, the infographic has given already the list. The agencies are divided into nine and you have to register o each of them. That is because they have their own requirements and also you have different taxes and charges to pay. The government is making effort so that they could make it easier for companies to register in the Philippines. If you have no idea what to do then you can make your own research or better yet hire someone to do it.

There are already forms that are ready to take the job of doing the registration works for you. As they know better how to do it so they could make it faster if it is allowed as there are some agencies who had the timetable on the transaction that you will be processing. Thankfully the computerization process in some agencies made transactions easier and so you can finish transaction within the day or few hours only.