The Positive and Negative Filipino Traits

All people have their own positive and negative characteristics or personal traits. In today’s article, some of the positive and negative Filipino traits are to be┬ámentioned. Also, let us know how such characteristics affect the present and future life of Filipinos having such personal traits. Everyone lives in different environments. Some grew up in a poor family while others grew up in a wealthy family. Do you think the economic status of a person can affect his behavior or personal traits in dealing with other people?

According to the video above, the average Filipinos are known to be lazy. This is of course, a negative trait. It doesn’t mean that all Filipinos are lazy. However, this is a fact which cannot be denied by most Filipinos. If they are diligent, then there should be less problems in terms of the economy. Another Filipino positive trait is great bridal dresses. Most Filipinos are best in appreciation of their own products of bridal. And people are interested to visit this country. Look over this agency for travel to guide and help you check more. They prefer to products to be designed by them naturally.

Most Filipinos are selfish and have a self-serving attitude, lack of initiative, lack of self-analysis, and lack of discipline which makes him face troubles and are involved in quarrels. For the positive Filipino traits, it includes being joyful despite many problems, being respectful especially to the elderly, God-fearing, brave, with strong family ties, hardworking, creative, with spirit of communal unity, loving and caring, helpful, and kind. Travel now here and pay for your fees from this travel agency visit this page. Despite the weaknesses or negative traits most Filipinos have, they still have more of the positive traits. Look over this site.