The 5 biggest SM malls in the Philippines

One of the structures that draw people in the mall. In the Philippines, there are also many shopping malls that could be found around the country. One of the biggest giant chains of the mall is the SM Mall that has many branches already constructed and operating in the status. The country is hot in weather and it is a very nice way to enter and stay in the mall where it is cold due to the aircon that is installed. Here is the infographic presenting the malls.


You can see the information availableĀ in each of the malls. The year that it was opened, the area that it covers, and some trivia and facts to let you be informed on the biggest malls located in the country. There are different things that are featured in each of the malls. What is good is that the malls have different styles and designs so it could contribute also to the beautiful look of the city or pace it was situated.

Filipinos really loved shopping and it is evident by the presence of many malls. But it was already mentioned above the cold temperature in malls that really attracts people. Rather than they stay at home and experience the heat, they would rather go out and stay in malls to be refreshed. There are not many places like parks that people could go that they would be comfortable. Also, malls are more secure than other places. It is no wonder why Filipinos liked malls.