Business vs Job: Advantages and Disadvantages

Many fresh graduates from colleges and universities might feel pressured and confused with regards to which path they are to take. Some might be thinking of putting up a small business for the meantime while others would look for a job that fits their course or a degree which they took in college. A very common problem or issue which a fresh graduate is going to face if he would look for a job is that, most companies would look for an applicant with experience.

Since a fresh graduate has no work experience at all, how can he be able to work? Most companies are strict in terms of the qualifications they are looking for an applicant. And because of this, there are many college and university graduates who belong to the group of employed in a designing industry. Though they are a graduate of a 4-year bachelor’s degree, it is not easy for them to have a job like in designing of unusual vintage wedding dresses. So most fresh graduates have a choice to work in bridal shops as a designer.

But if the parents of a fresh graduate student can support their child financially, then that’s better. Since he don’t have any work experience, he can also start to have his own small business. Actually, to have your own business is better than working under an employer. It is because you can manage your time and are free to go wherever you want like having your dental service as business. For an employee, he does not have any freedom unless he have his day-off, check this recommended site sample 牙醫診所 推薦. It is not easy for an employee to take a leave or vacation but having your own business will be free.