Top Exports

The country of the Philippines has also products for exports. Thankfully the country has some benefits of what they have learned and the contribution from other nations. The country is now one that has its own economic transactions. Due to the diversity of the industries so it also has helped the country. Even if it has many challenges not just on the economy, it is doing good as compared to other countries. It has many possibilities and it is attracting still foreign investments that are good.

The first products that ranked that are being exported are electrical machines and pieces of equipment which accounts for the highest. The percentage is 44.8% based on the number of total exports. The next is still machines but on the side including computers. Next is an apparatus for optical, medical and also technical. Next is copper, boats and ships, waxes, animal or vegetable fats, oils, wood, precious metals, gems, nuts, fruits, and vehicles. There is the decrease in wood exports and also in the vehicles export.

Others are growing like the copper, the shipments of precious metals and gems. This happened with the help of the increasing price of gold. The industry of boats and ships had also grown. The good thing is that the country source of exports are not concentrated in one area and so the activities are distributed. It can generate then jobs in different places of the country who has also many islands that makes it a great place to spend a vacation.